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Her Online Bookshelf Supports Bernie's Book Bank!

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For more information about ROCK THE BANK, please go to:

Do you remember having a favorite book as a child? What book was it? Was your favorite book the little red riding hood?... or the little engine that could?... maybe you even had a set of Disney books sitting on your shelf back in the day... Everyone had a favorite book as a kid – you know, that raggedy old thing you carried from room to room? We know our lives were shaped in part by the books we loved as children. Having an access to books helped us develop our creativity and knowledge which somehow contributed to who and where we are right now. Wouldn't we want to pass this blessing to the next generation?

Last October of 2011, I volunteered at Bernie's Book Bank in Lake Forest, Illinois. It was a great opportunity for me to spend my Saturday morning with friends and other community volunteers! The young scout volunteers were in charge of putting the stickers on the book covers, while I was one of those 'strong' people who lifted a truck load of heavy boxes packed with children's books. I enjoyed it ( A LOT!). Volunteering at Bernie's Book Bank was a very remarkable experience for me because I know that the books will be shipped out  to children of low-income families!

What's Bernie's Book Bank?
Bernie’s Book Bank collects, processes and distributes quality new and gently used children’s books to at-risk children in Chicago and its suburbs. Since our founding in December 2009, we’ve distributed more than 680,000 books and now serve more than 40,000 children annually. “We have a problem in this country,” says Bernie’s Book Bank Founder and Executive Director Brian Floriani, “where many children show up to their first day of kindergarten never having seen a book before in their lives. We can change that.”Bernie’s Book Bank was founded with the mission of increasing book ownership of at-risk children. “At Bernie’s Book Bank, we have one main focus,” says Floriani, “and that is to be the logistical bridge – between where books are and are no longer being used, to where they are not and desperately needed – and significantly increase book ownership of at-risk children in Chicagoland. Because it is through books – holding them, touching them, reading them, learning them – that children have the best opportunities to succeed in this world.”

Why is this important to me? Why am I supporting this cause?
Having an access to books enabled me to dream as a little girl. The creativity and knowledge I gained from reading books have opened quite a few doors in my life as an adult that I wouldn't have had otherwise. My hope is simply to give every children an opportunity to have that same wonderful world of imagination that I was given by the world of books. By supporting this non-profit organization, either as a book packing volunteer or by extending my support for them through my book blog, I am able to make this possible. THANKS BERNIE'S!

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