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The Kaizen Plan for Healthy Eating by Lynn Johnston

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Who says eating healthy has to be boring? A few days ago, I got a book entitled, "The Kaizen Plan for Healthy Eating ", by Lynn Johnston. This book will remind you that there are ways on how you can EAT healthy without torturing your taste buds! On a greater note, this book also covers such an admirable success story of someone who took charge of her own life and made those baby steps into a noticeable positive change.

The author, Lynn Johnston, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia --- a  disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues (Mayo Clinic). She was told that there was no cure for fibromyalgia and she would need to take antidepressants and painkillers for the rest of her life. Instead of just sitting around, Lynn did an extensive research on treatments and holistic antidotes to help herself with her condition. Lynn took her condition as a motivation to improve her eating habits. After four years of slowly improving her diet, Lynn reached a point where she didn't have any symptoms of fibromyalgia at all.

"Kaizen" is a Japanese word meaning "continuous improvement" and it is used in the business world to describe the approach of accomplishing things by making a series of small, simple changes that result in gradual improvement.  

The Kaizen Plan , like how the author described it, is a set of small doable steps taken one at a time. Each step addresses some aspect of the problem you want to solve or the goal you want to achieve. Kaizen Plan isn't like any other diet plans out there! I was amazed on how she structured her plan for healthy eating. Aside from sharing her health journey, I think it was also important that she talked about certain Psychological blocks that hinders people in achieving their goals. As a reader, that section of the book reminded me that we do have the ability to control these psychological blocks, and all we need is proper self-discipline and motivation.

The 26 steps of this program include mental techniques for building willpower and staying motivated, behavioral techniques that make eating healthy easier, and lots of ways to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor.


This book also includes:

- Tricks for sneaking more fruits and vegetables into your diet

- How to train your taste buds to like healthy foods
- Suggestions for treating your "vegephobia"
- The simple technique that makes the food you’re already eating more nutritious

No radical changes, no throwing away half the food in your cupboards, no sugar withdrawal. You’ll create a flexible, personalized plan that gently eases you into better eating habits.

So, if you are one of those people who wants to embrace a healthy lifestyle and clean-up their diet quite a bit... I highly recommend reading this book to guide you in your healthy eating journey! Remember, it is better to take baby steps to achieve a goal, than taking a huge leap and not achieve anything at all!

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