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Eject Rejection: Push that button (Motivational Monday #1)

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Have you ever been rejected by someone? How often do you feel rejected? Have you ever stopped asking for something because you have been scared of hearing the two-letter word of rejection--- "NO"? Well, guess what? You're in good company. Whether you were rejected as a child, as a member of an organization, rejected from your dream university, or a marriage proposal, you are not alone. 

I, too, have been rejected in life for countless times. May it be about the events I have proposed within a group, an idea I presented, or about my application to a group where I've always wanted to be a part of... it doesn't matter... The truth of the matter is, everyone rejects and is being rejected. Some may feel a sense of rejection at least sometime in their life. It's not easy to ignore the feeling after being rejected; However, we should face it, or at least reject the negative thoughts caused by it. Always keep in mind that rejection is a natural part of life. I personally believe that everything in life ,may it be good or bad, has great lessons to be learned. Let me share with you a few things I learned after being rejected for countless times....

Everything stays the same after a rejection.  If you submit an application to a company and you don't get in,  here's one fact that I want you to think about... You WERE NEVER in that company before you turned in your application,and you are NOT in that company after you applied. So... Have you lost anything at all? Your life didn't get better and it didn't even get worse.... It stayed the same... The only thing that will make it worse is if you choose to gather all the times when you have been rejected, took everything in general, and let the negative emotions bind it altogether.. 

Rejection has no real meaning, unless injected with thoughts and emotions. I came to realize that rejection is just a concept that we unconsciously design in our mind, and this what makes us think and view everything differently after being rejected. 

Quit assuming! Some people, including me, tend to assume things after being rejected. For instance, friend A asks friend B to hangout one night... Unfortunately, Friend B rejected Friend A's invitation. Now, Friend A feels like Friend B rejected her because she's not fun to hangout with. Who knows? Maybe it's not you that they didn't like... Maybe it was just your proposal, your idea... or better yet, it's possible that the reason is not you at all!

Rejection SHOULD make us better. This can only happen if we take rejection positively. Learn from it, and never let it be the reason of your downfall in life. Use it as a free Learning tool. Never let rejection give you a wrong  definition of who you really are. If it did had the chance to define you, re-define yourself. 

Keep the 3 SWs in mind. Some Will, Some Won't, So What! If a person said yes, then great! If a person said no, SO WHAT! There are a lot more opportunities out there! Somewhere, there are good, better, and even great things that awaits you. Just hang in there, my friend. 

After a rejection, learn from it... move on.. push yourself forward... Keep in mind that it's not the very last opportunity available around the world because there's a lot more around you, and you just have to keep on trying and searching for more... Believe in yourself! There's always a great deal of a value to you. Take an imaginary eject button with you, anywhere you go, and always remember to push it when you have to. 

Behind every rejection are better opportunities. ~ trish <3

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