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Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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I must say that this Stephen Covey’s best-selling book is definitely a good package to invest your money on. It is a good combination of a not-your-ordinary business book slash self-development book with a few management tips included, on many organizations around the world.

Covey believes that the foundation of organizational excellence is personal excellence. And in order to make it possible to reach this excellence, he profoundly shared his list of Seven Habits. When you first look at the word 'habits', you may think that you do not really have to spend so much time to really think about it, and that all it takes is common sense. However, as what Stephen Covey said, "common sense is not always common practice."

  •     Be Proactive: take responsibility for everything you do and never blame anyone or anything
  •     Begin with the End in Mind: always think of what you want to achieve before doing anything
  •     Put First thing First: finish the most important and most urgent task first
  •     Think Win/Win
  •     Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood
  •     Synergize
  •     Sharpen the Saw
These seven habits are so important in the world of business, and most importantly, in life. They can be applied in nearly every situation, and if successfully practiced, will help us improve our lives at home, work and play. However, the effectiveness of these habits will depend on a person's willingness to face himself honestly and courageously, and the dedication to apply and practice the seven habits daily, in order to become more effective. 

I loved the fact that Stephen Covey used the phrase "highly effective people" rather than "successful people", because it is about achieving what you want in life that makes you feel satisfied and successful, and not about meeting the standards of what others' consider as success...

As a business student and an ordinary person, I highly recommend this book!

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