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Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson M.D.

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As I was browsing the books we have in the basement, I took this book out from the pile and just went through the whole book briefly. I saw the photos, and looking back at the title itself, it seemed like it was just a childish book... but when I started reading the book, the 12th page of the book caught my attention...

Written by Dr. Spencer Johnson, it deals with 4 fictional characters... 

The two mice: are the creatures to be admired, as unlike men they are not lazy and constantly on a move. They are sharp, perceptive and always ready to move.
Sniff - Who sniffs out change early
Scurry - Who scurries into action

The two little people: 
Hem - who denies and resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse
Haw  - who learns to adapt in time when e sees changing can lead to something better.

The story shows how these four imaginary characters face change in their lives & how each one of them deals with it differently. The moral of the story supposedly, is that change is a part of life and in order to survive it is necessary to be constantly on high alert and be innovative enough to deal with it.

The cheese is symbolic for power and money that is in the hands of the those who mold our world into a maze where we, like the four imaginary characters, cannot see what's beyond the tall solid walls. We, as average people, have left the right of molding and creating cheese in the hands of a few powerful people, who control and manipulate us in some shape or form. On a more serious note, the book is symbolic of the tragedy of modern life. We live in a world in which we somewhat have a few limits here and there when we are to consider the entire world we're stepping on for which also has control over our lives. The world appears like a confusing maze, surrounded with tall walls where we spend our entire lives running around them, trying to find the cheese.

This book somewhat serves as a reminder that change is a part of life and in order to survive it is necessary to be constantly on high alert and be innovative enough to deal with it. Our roles change,  situations change, people change, we change jobs& careers, we change places, not only the physical part of it but also the way/culture of living, in this fast moving world of technological development, everything is changing and changing at such a fast pace!

I think it's a good book! It only took me about two hours to finish it... I recommend it! :)

Side note: I can't help but think.... that if we only keep on convincing people to accept life as it is without at least  trying and taking actions that could somehow help them deal with each situation, changing with the conditions, instead of changing the conditions that create such conditions, I doubt that people will still come up with a question that may help them deal with changes and difficult circumstances.... A question I came up with after reading the entire book ---“Why can’t I make my own cheese? Better yet, can I make my own cheese? How can I make my own cheese without being too dependent on changes? ” 

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